Discography - Cover Versions of Evan Dando & Lemonheads songs, and songs about Evan Dando

Year of original release shown in brackets - flags indicate country of release for those releases only available on import to the UK.

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Various Artists - Totally Wireless The Triple J Acoustic Sessions (Ride With Me - 1993 )
The Belles - Never Said Anything (My Drug Buddy - 2004)
Various Artists - Squealing Fans In My Tune : A Tribute To Evan Dando and The Lemonheads (various tracks - 2005)
Various Artists - Squealing Fans In My Tune Volume Two (various tracks - 2005)
Sarah Borges - The Stars Are Out (Ride With Me - 2009)



Noise Addict - Young and Jaded (I Wish I Was Him - 1994)
The Elevator Drops - Be A Lemonhead (Beautiful Junkie) (title track - 1996)
Fred Haring - This Grand Parade (A Prayer For Evan Dando - 2000)


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