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new interview with Blake Babies

Postby rwcass » Thu Oct 22, 2015 11:54 pm ... ke-babies/

Strohm: We had a very frustrating period going into Earwig when we transitioned from a two-guitar band (me and Juliana) with a bassist to a one-guitar band with Juliana moving to bass. That's the lineup here on the WERS broadcast -- the three of us. Evan Dando played bass for six months or so, and that was a great band, but we just couldn't replace Evan. He spoiled us. So eventually Juliana or I had to take up bass, and Juliana was generous in learning the instrument and she played really well. She sort of adopted Evan's guitarist-on-bass style, which really worked. At the point of this recording, we're still figuring out how to be a three-piece band. You can tell we're all playing a lot to fill up the sound. Probably a year after this we added a second guitarist (Michael Leahy) and that took it to another level. But we're still just figuring it out here. The technically good Earwig recordings are a little deceptive, as we still couldn't play all that well.

(And here's a link to the May 9, 1989, WERS broadcast:

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