Deleted YT vid - Lemonheads, Philadelphia, No Backbone

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Deleted YT vid - Lemonheads, Philadelphia, No Backbone

Postby lemonhead1961 » Tue Aug 16, 2016 2:02 pm

There was a great Youtube channel with a lot of live gig clips on it
that has now been deleted by yt due to 3rd party infringements

unfortunately (can never write that word without hearing Evan sing Frank Mills in my head) - some good Lemonheads videos disappeared as a consequence - one I wished I had downloaded for posterity is a version of No Backbone - it was a Lemonheads gig and it was definitely Philadelphia but no idea which venue. I remember they had a guest guitarists (playing a white SG I'm pretty sure) that they introduced (standing on the far right of he video, i.e. stage left facing the audience), to spray the J Mascis guitar part all over the song - does anyone else remember this particular video or, better still, know if it's still around anywhere? I saw it as one of the definitive live Lemonheads renditions of the song.

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