Lemonheads Hate Your Friends album launch party
at TT The Bear's - Cambridge MA
4th June 1987

Review from Incite!

Hating My Friends


"I'd like to thank my Mom for buying me a drink..." - Jesse, between songs.

They tell me that Brookline has one of the best Little League teams in the country.
They tell me the Lemonheads are one of the best new punk bands around these days.
To be a good Little League team, you need an ace pitcher (preferably with a curve ball), a couple of power hitters, and good coaching. Of course, it doesn't hurt if the little leaguers' parents are well-off enough and concerned enough about the welfare of their kids to spring for good equipment, summer baseball camps, and trips the Little League Playoffs in Pennsylvania.
To be a good punk rock band...

What comes after the dots and what happened at TTs on June 4 should have been one and the same thing. Instead, I think I learned a lot more about Little League baseball than punk rock or maybe what happens when the two are mixed together in a stiff Beacon Hill cocktail.


"You've got the same ears as Mozart" - some guy pretending to be the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, during "So I Fucked Up".

What's worse, he actually was the conductor of the Philharmonic. So - what does this Mozart fag have to do with "So I Fucked Up"? I'm afraid I don't know the answer - you'll have to ask your father that one. I should have been amused, I guess, instead of disturbed, caught as I was in the doorway between a living room full of prep school seniors wholesomely enjoying the night before graduation, and a kitchen full of half-drunk, half-erect chaperones talking about musicology and the new editorial in Forbes. Honking their horns whenever one of the kids hit a punk rock home run, listening intently as Evan sang his ever-lovin' guts out about the big one that got away, about what it's like to hate your friends - is that supposed to be amusing, Ev?


"Hey, it's punk rock. Who cares?" - Ben, between songs.

Yeah, who cares about writing songs that work at more than one level? Who cares about covering songs that work at less than five? Yeah Ben, I love you, I love punk rock... but what the fuck is this? Look, the Ep was great, a few things off the album are still with me three weeks later, and they'll probably remain there. I just wish these guys didn't always seem so under the influence whenever I see 'em play. If it's necessary to consult Bob Mould or Pete Shelley or Paul Westerberg whenever you make a chord change, just what the fuck is the point, anyway?


"I am so amazing, aren't I?" - Jon Easley, between songs

He was blind, but now he fucking sees - or squints anyway. Easley went on at the end and things, y'know, picked up. Here's someone who knows that one writhing pratfall, one good joke, one ounce of energy, puts an hour of haircut adolesence to shame. All the Gentiles in the audience were transfixed. But can Easley, even with all the amazing grace in the world, save the Lemonheads?


The hor d'eurves

What Now, who I finally got to see after just missing them about ten times, weren't as good as their EP, but there were some magic moments of feedback and/or harmonies. The Targets are still the same old (easy) Targets, although that new songs of theirs in Chemical Imbalance 'zine is their best yet and equally stunning live. Asides that, there were those all-too-short spaces of time in "Let Me Know Why" and a couple other LP tracks that make me want to believe these folks could save the world if they ever wiped off those shit-eating grins that're plastered on their faces. Their first song was a cover of "Rock and Roll" - pretty fitting, coz it has been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely time since Kenny and the Casuals have hit their potential to be the best live band in Boston.


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