Evan Dando live at the Bluebird Theatre, Denver - 16th September 2003

Review by Donna Hickey from heyhuman.com


He is so angry.
He gave the scariest performance at the Bluebird last night.
Teeter tottering in on crutches he looked like any one of the homeless guys on Colfax. Greasy hair, tired looking humming bird t-shirt, saggy old back pack, his baggy pants making his skinny legs seem more pronounced.
He can sing. He opened with a haunting acoustic set. Between songs he was rambling indiscernibly about some Scottish fag when an asshole from the audience said, "Play already." First Dando quieted himself said, "Yes, sir," and started to play before he exploded on the guy. The rage in Dando was palpable. I almost threw up from the fury he was spewing at the jerk. The heckler was promptly escorted out and Dando quipped, "I could feel the presence of an asshole. It is gone now."
Thankfully he started playing again but the energy was never set right. The audience was on edge. What was that about? Why is Dando so mad? Why was he wearing one shoe and a floppy brown wool sock?

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