Crocodile Cafe, Seattle
28th November 2006

Review by Donte from Seattlest

The weather seems to have put some segment of Seattle's populous in a bit of a feisty mood, as Monday's Lemonheads experience both began and ended with the results of excessive rowdiness. We arrived at the Croc as a member of the security staff was giving his statement to the police about being attacked by members of the crowd. We wrote that off, not knowing that was only part of the evening's jackassery.

The Lemonheads, on tour the past couple of months in support of their latest self-titled disc (their first in a decade), bounced all over their lengthy discography. With more than capable band members in tow (Bill Stevenson and Karl Alvarez, both formerly of The Descendents), attention was excusively focused on Evan Dando, who is The Lemonheads. The newer material fit right in alongside classics like "It's a Shame About Ray," and a large number of audience members felt compelled to sing along. We were too bone-chilled to do so ourselves, but appreciated seeing the enthusiasm (guy in red skullcap we salute you).

Security was notably on edge after the earlier incident, which fortunately didn't deter too much from the show experience. We were able to ignore when security escorted a giant of a man out as he attempted to plead his case. We weren't so able to ignore the two jackasses calling for "Hate Your Friends" during every quiet moment. Evan Dando apparently couldn't ignore it either, as he stormed off the stage before starting the encore. Sure, they'd played over an hour already, but we were ready for a little more. Yelling guys, we don't consider you our friends, but we hate you all the same.

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