Lemonheads live at The Junction, Cambridge
11th October 2006

Review by Chris Boland from Hunts Post

I haven't enjoyed a show so much all year - a combination of many factors combined into a 'perfect storm'.

The Lemonheads' new album is a carefree and melodic gem - the perfect antidote to the over-precise, over-earnest rock that dominates the charts.

Live they translate this feeling perfectly. I was told by one fan that the bassist and drummer of the three-piece weren't even the latest Lemonheads that put together the new album. Sounds ridiculous?

Well, when you have players so clearly enjoying themselves it's not all at. They stumble a few times, but their smiles shone at each other - they pick themselves up like they're in the middle of a great rehearsal session.

All the while, Evan Dando's guitar feedback seems to accompany them like a fourth player - it's a rough, but magic sound. Later, Dando's prolonged acoustic interlude fires matchless song after matchless song into the crowd, touching on the band's past, present and his own solo work.

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