Review of Evan Dando live at The Larimer Lounge - Denver, CO
10th July 2005

by Ricardo Baca from Denver Post


Evan Dando channels his inner Morrissey

"I can do a great Morrissey impression. Do you wanna hear it?"

It wasn't what you expected from '90s indie-rock icon Evan Dando, laying down a thoughtful solo set at the Larimer Lounge on Sunday night. But still there he was, slamming through a medley-oriented set of singles from his solo career and his time fronting The Lemonheads.

The set was refreshing and frustrating.

Dando was self-effacing in his short stories and the broad swath of material covered. But he presented the music in an often-truncated form with shortened songs mashed together like a filmy, day-old alphabet soup. And Dando's issues with the rock club's sound system didn't help the general vibe. Such a simple show should have sounded better.

Still the artist and the material spoke for themselves. Dando and his careful interpretations of the playful "Being Around," the loving "Into Your Arms" and the heartbreaking "Big Gay Heart" - all like-minded songs from the 1993 record "Come on Feel the Lemonheads" - were translated beautifully and still hold up with the rest of the songs Dando threw down. "Confetti" was excellent and lively, as was "Frank Mills," which he prefaced by saying it was the part of the set where he'd play songs he barely remembers.

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