Lemonheads live at Leeds Metropolitan University - 9th October 2006

Review by Danielle Millea from Leeds Music Scene


Time for a bit of a honky-tonk jig, as Dubliner's 747s' catchy indie folk starts off, with tracks like 'Rain Kiss' and 'Leave Your Job Today', which employs an assortment of kitchen utensils and pans, adding to the plinky-plonk of the organs. You can't tell they were buskers!

What a treat tonight for The Lemonheads fans! I was a little wary that this would be a gig solely to promote the first new album in ten years, 'The Lemonheads'. When Evan Dando appears on stage (with 'trademark' long, shaggy hair and stripy top) and struggles with his guitar strap I think, "He's not gonna make the whole show". How wrong am I? The handsome man of indie/pop/rock plays his songs with a country twang and at the speed of a punk song. His line up at the moment is borrowed heavily from The Descendents, with drummer Bill Stevenson (also from Black Flag) and bassist Karl Alvarez.

It's like going back in time; apart from a few tracks from the new album it's hits all the way, with 'Down About It' the first cracker, followed by songs from all the main albums, 'Great Big No', 'It's About Time', 'Hospital', 'Confetti', 'Rudderless' and of course, 'It's A Shame About Ray'. In fact there are too many to list. After an hour Evan is left alone to perform some hits solo, like 'Being Around' and 'The Outdoor Type', then the band join him again to play an encore including 'If I Could Talk I'd Tell You'. The band look thrilled all night, with Evan especially impressed at the crowds' hand in singing along. The length of the songs allows for a packed set list, and fans are not disappointed. Like I said, a real treat.

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