Evan Dando live at Carling Festival, Reading - 24th August 2001

Review by Eddie Rio


I have known of the Lemonheads and Evan Dando since I was 9. For the last 5 years I and a few friends have fallen in love with him and especially the last three Lemonheads albums. We saw him for the first time just a few weeks ago at the Reading festival.

If my memory serves me correctly Evan walked onto the stage, we almost passed out, he played Paid To Smile (?) and then we did actually pass out. The gig was like a dream as he played plenty of hidden classics, most of the audience were there because they knew the songs so lots of people were singing along.

Unfortuantely due to the excesses of Reading Festival I can't remember many specifics about the gig other than we were all extremely happy. Songs that he played that I can somehow remember were 'into your arms', 'Hospital', 'the great big no', 'the outdoor type, 'confetti', and in a brief acoutic interlude 'ride with me' and a beautiful 'drug buddy'. The nicest suprise was two or three new songs one of which called 'all my life' was one of his best songs yet. I also enjoyed the 30 second RAWK cover he played.

Evan seemed to be having as good a time as we were. However their were a few sound problems but they couldn't stop this gig from being fantastic and us coming away with the feeling that Evan Dando is back from the brink. I luurve Evan Dando.

Anyone who was at this gig and wants to reminisce about it email me (drownmybeliefs@yahoo.co.uk), especially if you were the mad dancing bloke a few rows in front who could have been watching Roni Size or the prety woman in pink who was stood right next to us who was singing along to all the songs. Anyone who knows all the Lemonheads songs has to be alright, don't they?


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