Lemonheads live at Rock City, Nottingham
15th October 2006

Review by Dom Gourlay from Drowned In Sound

You can't help feeling a little sympathetic for the artists concerned when those palputations for nostalgia kick in. Two nights ago an-admittedly-different-to-the-one-from-their-heyday incarnation of a band (who shall remain nameless for the purpose of this piece) from the same era as The Lemonheads, with a back catalogue to die for, played possibly the worst show I've ever had the misfortune to witness in all my years of watching live bands. So, the omens weren't particularly good for this evening.

Sadly, the majority of Nottingham's public must have felt the same way, as the venue seemed to be less than half-full when Evan Dando and The Lemonheads 2006 model took to the stage, but if any of those missing persons are of a rueful nature, they'll probably be kicking themselves black and blue. This really was the setlist from heaven if you're a Lemonheads fan.

Okay, so there may have been no 'I Am A Rabbit' - my personal favourite from the dozens in Dando's songbook - but everything else you could have wanted, whatever era most appeals to you about this band, was there in full fettle.

'Hate Your Friends', 'The Great Big No', 'Confetti', 'Rudderless' - you name it, they played it. More to the point, the newer stuff actually fitted within the set quite comfortably, probably due to the fact that it has a certain late-'80s, pre-grunge feel about it.

Whilst not entirely relevant to most of today's glo-stick waving, leggings-wearing scenester kids, any aspiring young band would do well to check Dando and co. out - despite age not being on their side any more, passion, exuberance and unforboding energy is still omnipresent throughout. As celebrations go this one may have been a bit depleted personnel-wise, but at times it still felt like the best reunion party in the world, ever. Now go see for yourselves...


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