Evan Dando live instore at Rough Trade, London
8th October 2006

Review by Yousif Nur from Leeds Music Scene

Set-list: ‘Down About It’, ‘Why Do You Do This To Yourself?’, ‘My Drug Buddy’, ‘How Much I've Lied’, ‘Being Around’, ‘Into Your Arms’, ‘If I Could Talk I'd Tell You’, ‘End of the Affair’, ‘Different Drum’, ‘I Don't Care’, ‘Doing Alright’, ‘The Outdoor Type’, ‘Gloomy Sunday’ Encore: ‘Frank Mills’, ‘It's About Time’, ‘Favourite T’

Rammed in like battery hens, with an added thirty/fourty odd folks peering through the window, Rough Trade tonight awaits a special guest appearance, supposedly ‘secret’ too - but word on the street is that people have known for sometime about Evan Dando’s visit to the esteemed indie establishment. What was less predictable was when the hell he would turn up…

Fourty-five minutes later (honestly, now I know how Babyshambles fans feel…) he marches in with an entourage of a few tall down to a basement, and two minutes later appears at the front of the store, ready to await his slightly impatient, yet adoring fans. With no formal introduction, he opened up with fan favourite from 1993, ‘Down About It’.

He made up for his lateness with a seventeen track set-list lasting the best part of around another fourty-five minutes of our time, which was awfully nice of him. The Lemonheads star mused about how the ‘US government makes me want to kill somebody, or some people..’ to much laughter in the midst of playing ‘If I Could Talk I’d Tell You’.

An encore was included in the set no less, with calls for some more of the greatest hits from the Lemonheads/Dando archive, prompting a sing-a-long with ‘Frank Mills’. Evan certainly earned his meal ticket for the night, with the lateness all but forgotten.

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