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14th September 2005

By Siobhan Grogan from The Sunday Mirror

Pete Doherty might get all the headlines these days, but a decade ago The Lemonheads front man, Evan Dando, could certainly have given him a run for his money.

With his square-jawed good looks and chronic drug habit, he became the ultimate indie pin-up in the early 90s, known for following Oasis round on tour, hanging out with Courtney Love and for covering Mrs Robinson in 1992.

It's now nearly 10 years since The Lemonheads last released a record and Evan has cleaned up, got married and released a solo album.

However, die-hard fans have waited a long time for another chance to hear the band's old tunes, so this rare show sold out almost as soon as it went on sale - with fans almost moved to tears at the prospect of hearing classic tracks again.

Apparently unmoved by the hysteria, the trio ambled on to an almost bare stage with only their instruments for company and got straight down to business, racing through their tender guitar pop. Hunched over his guitar, Evan didn't say much from under a mop of what must be the shiniest hair in rock, but acknowledged 'it's been a while' to huge cheers.

The audience certainly appreciated the chance to hear tracks like Into Your Arms, Confetti and Outdoor Type again and sang along loudly throughout.

They particularly appreciated a surprise, low-key solo turn from Evan that showcased his gorgeous country twang perfectly.

Affection for the gangly indie hero has clearly not been dimmed by the passing years.

Thankfully this long-awaited show proved the songs sound just as great as ever too.


Rockin' Stroll


It's a Shame About Ray


My Drug Buddy

The Turnpike Down

Bit Part

Alison's Starting To Happen

Hannah & Gabi


Ceiling Fan In My Spoon

Frank Mills

Outdoor Type

Being Around

How Much I've Lied

Different Drum

Great Big No



If I could Talk I'd Tell You

Into Your Arms

Down About It

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