Article on Evan Dando's cancelled show at The Tractor, Seattle
28th July 2005

by Jennifer Maerz from The Stranger

We've all heard about musicians sleepwalking through performances, bands putting audiences to sleep, and other coma-inducing events. But the first time I'd caught wind of an artist actually sleeping through a show came thanks to Evan Dando, who was recently scheduled to headline the Tractor Tavern. According to one club staffer, the former Lemonhead skipped sound check and kept crowds at his July 15 show waiting until someone finally put in a call to his booking agent. The Tractor then received a call from the missing person himself, explaining that he'd overslept and asking if the club still wanted him to come to the venue. This on supposedly the opening night of his tour—and the last Dando show for former fans like Brad Hole, who e-mailed me, "I scoured the internet after the show to see if anyone else was talking about his 'no show.' Ironic that his website was 'under construction' and still is. I found a website in the UK that passed along a message that he didn't make the show and he was sorry. I'm sorry, too, Evan, you just lost a fan!" Inquiries to the singer's publicist went unanswered; maybe they're still snoozing at Camp Dando?

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