Review of Become The Enemy

By Denise Tench from Angry Ape, 30th October 2006

After years out the spotlight and surviving trying times, the The Lemonheads make a low-key and modest come back with 'Become The Enemy'.

It's not entirely true to say The Lemonheads are still intact, with Evan Dando as the sole original member. However, the sound which projected them to high acclaim at the height of garage rock and grunge is very much still there.

'Become The Enemy' is not the strongest candidate for a comeback tune, but after a few listens the understated vibe becomes easier to appreciate. Though short on the grabbiness and youth of early Lemonheads tracks, the relatable simplicity, impressive vocals and consistent talent are a permanent fixture.

As long as Evan Dando has the formula for accessible but pleasingly off-kilter tunes in his hands, the Lemonheads are sure to catch the attention of an ever increasing audience.


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