Review of Become The Enemy
by John Murphy

From Music Omh, 9th October 2006

Evan Dando never seemed to receive the credit that was undoubtedly due to him back in the early '90s. Maybe some saw him as a bit lightweight compared to the likes of Cobain or Vedder, or maybe it was the fact that he was from Boston rather than Seattle. Whatever the reason, it kind of obscured the fact that he was responsible for the one of the most effortlessly glorious albums of the decade in It's A Shame About Ray.

Dando's had his problems since those halcyon days (usually involving shedloads of drugs) but he's cleaned up his act and resurrected the Lemonheads name after a decade in hibernation. Become The Enemy is exactly what you'd expect from Dando - bruised, melodic, and wistful, with a sound that's a bit heavier than the Ray days, but still as accessible and listenable as ever.

The fact that it's a completely different rhythm section these days is frankly irrelevant - The Lemonheads has always been Dando's band, and this serves notice that he's not lost any of his golden touch when it comes to songwriting. A magnificent comeback.

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