Review of The Lemonheads
by John Wenzel

From Denver Post, 26th September 2006

Recorded in Fort Collins, the Lemonheads' first album in 10 years at first feels like a letdown. Leader Evan Dando essentially made the band's '90s career on his endearingly slacker vocals and catchy, guitar-driven melodies, and this self-titled disc seems to be in short supply of both.

Repeated listens bring out the subtler moments, helping reveal that Dando's songwriting is as strong as ever, despite years of drug abuse and obscurity. The production is a bit shiny for the subject matter, and forays into late '80s post-punk ("Pittsburgh," "Poughkeepsie") make the album feel at times like a precusor to "It's a Shame About Ray," the band's acoustic-driven pinnacle.

Still, fans searching for a suitable (albeit long overdue) follow-up to "Car Button Cloth" will be thrilled, as will casual listeners with patience. The Lemonheads seem to have rediscovered their jittery, early '90s energy. They smartly keep Dando's ramblings in check here, and the results are heartening and often moving.


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