Review of The Lemonheads

From The Evening Standard 22nd September 2006


Evan Dando hasn't made an album as the Lemonheads for a decade, but aside from his new rhythm section, it seems nothing has changed in his simple world of fuzzy guitars and charming melodies. In fact, this new release has more in common with even older recordings Lick and Lovey, from 1989 and 1990 respectively. New members Bill Stevenson and Karl Alvarez help tracks such as Black Gown and Rule of Three towards the rougher, rockier sound of Dando's early material. The songwriter's huge talent for ballads is untapped here, although Become the Enemy tones down the guitars for a touching mid-paced interlude, and his voice is as beautifully careworn as ever. It won't win many new fans, but the scores who have missed this band will be pleased that things have stayed familiar.


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