Review of The Lemonheads
by Diana Najjar

From The Insider, 7th November 2006

“Yeah, things didn’t turn out the way you dreamed at school.” So says the first single by the Lemonheads, entitled ‘Become the enemy.’ Appropriate lyrics for most Schulich students and also a handful of rockstar/drug addicts. Take, for example, Evan Dando, lead singer of the Lemonheads. The Lemonheads were massively popular in the early nineties. Did you grow up listening to American alternative-rock during the days of Nirvana’s rise to fame? That is probably the only way you would actually enjoy this album. “The Lemonheads” is the latest from lead singer Evan Dando and the new lineup of the Lemonheads, who haven’t actually made an album together in something like ten years. Thankfully, their sound hasn’t changed since then. You can rest assured that there is nothing original in this album. I would really love to give you specifics about the album, a particular song that might have struck a chord with me or a feeling that this latest offering exudes…but there is really no such thing. I listened to the album in its entirety several times, but for some reason, not a single tune resonates.

Sax appeal: 1/5


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