Review of The Lemonheads
by Justin Gage

From Live Daily, 25th September 2006

It may be the tail end of 2006, but don't tell Evan Dando. This, the first Lemonheads album since 1996's "Car Button Cloth," feels like the early-to-mid-'90s all over again, minus the gratuitous flannel and Doc Marten boots.

Dando, who has been releasing solo, downbeat, folk albums under his own name the past few years, re-ignites The Lemonheads moniker for this set, and bashes out a fast-paced pop-punk record in true Lemonheads fashion.

Not unlike Jay Farrar's 2005 Son Volt album, this is a Lemonheads project in name only, as the band is made up of Dando and two session players--although the term "session players" is used loosely here, being that said players are drummer Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Black Flag) and bassist Karl Alvarez (Descendents).

Co-produced by Dando and Stevenson, "The Lemonheads" tears through its 11 tracks with a reinvigorated sound sure to please old fans and new alike. And for a frontman who was once more celebrated by the media for his bone structure and hair, it's good to see the focus return to The Lemonheads' music.


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