Review of The Lemonheads
by Grace Ong

From Malay Mail, January 2007

One dutifully accepts the fact that the glorious days of grunge are over, but when such bands as The Lemonheads makes a rare album release, it is bound to cause a little ripple amongst those who remember the days when bands like The Lemonheads, Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr ruled.

In a post-grunge era filled with hipperthan- thou rock acts like The Strokes, where do The Lemonheads fit in? And more importantly, is Evan Dando still hot? Burning questions indeed.

The answer to the first is that The Lemonheads fit in just fine; theirs has always been a cult following, and the old school indie-style that The Lemonheads has stubbornly stuck to looks in no way to change this sad or happy fact (depending on how you would like to look at it).

Dando’s song-writing remains as brilliant and witty as ever, their subversive meaning resonating beneath the chiming guitars.

Baby’s Home, which strikes a chord at first listen, is a dark, disturbingly tuneful soliloquay about shooting his adulterous partner and beating in her lover’s head with a stone.

Black Gown, for some strange reason, brings to mind the track Favourite T from Come On, Feel – perhaps because they’re both articles of clothing that he’s pointing to.

Joe Mascis of Dinosaur Jr makes an appearance in No Backbone.

To the point, fast and catchy as ever, their short, sweet rhapsodies provide nostalgic flashbacks of the good times back when Dando and Kurt Cobain were the reluctant posterboys of their scene.

And yes, Dando is still hot.


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