Review of The Lemonheads
by Jason Kellner

From Reno Gazette-Journal, 10th November 2006

Picking up the pace from his 2003 solo album of introspective quiet rockers, Evan Dando puts out his first album under the Lemonheads moniker in 10 years with this self-titled album. This time around, Dando made nice with the former Descendents rhythm section of Karl Alvarez and Bill Stevenson and places a couple of instantly recognizable guest riffs from Dinosaur Jr.'s J. Mascis. With Stevenson's familiar punk-rock drumming style, this latest batch of Lemonheads has the roughest sound in years, in line with 1990's "Lovey," and the band sounds excellent.

There are still Dando's country-song leanings, as heard on the pleasing "Poughkeepsie" and his voice is still the smooth, sweet voice that propelled that fertile mid-1990s period. But that's just it. The most fertile days may be behind the Lemonheads. While there's nothing completely flawed with this set, memorable melodies, which were never hard to find in the past, are in short supply here. No new fans may come aboard as a result, but those with a sense of nostalgia will want to hear it.

Recommended if you like: Paul Westerberg; Lemonheads' "Lovey"; Saves the Day


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