Review of The Lemonheads
by Tim Newbound

From Rock Sound, October 2006

Ten years on from Evan  Dando's last record under The Lemonheads' banner, this return with much-anticipated new studio material is com­fortingly fantastic. Sadly, many such comeback albums fall flat, more motivated by money than music. But if this album was lazily strung together for cash then it only further reinforces the notion that Dando is a genius beyond reproach. By the early ‘90s The Lemonheads were firmly estab­lished as one of the best alt-rock bands on the planet, and there is thankfully no drop in form here. 'Pittsburgh', for example, would be a stand­out track on 92's breakthrough album 'It's A Shame About Ray', while 'Poughkeepsie' skillfully affects that rootsy, punchy sensibility that is almost exclu­sively Dando's. A magnificent record.



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