Review of The Lemonheads
by Jason Keller

From Now Toronto, 12th October 2006

Maybe if Evan Dando hadn't done those solo albums, the return of his Lemonheads after a decade would seem more of a big deal. But really, what's the difference? The Lemonheads changed members all the time; nobody could stand working with Dando. Even the general public got sick of his square-jawed Sexiest Man Alive mug. Maybe that's why he's quietly resurrected the band with an album defined more by its background players than its star. Punk legend Bill Stevenson (Descendents) is a strong presence, drumming, producing and penning three songs, including some of Dando's best vocal hooks. J Mascis adds a couple of squealing leads, and It's A Shame About Ray collaborator Tom Morgan also writes two. But where's Juliana Hatfield? Maybe the half-naked photo of Dando's supermodel wife on the tray has something to do with that.


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