Review of Varshons
by James McNair

From Mojo, June 2009

For Varshon read 'versions', but thankfully Evan Dando and co's covers collection doesn't smack of holding-pattern or departed muse. It's choice of selections - taking in a psych-folk reading of Yesterlove by Lemmy's 1969 band Sam Gopal and a reworking of the Christina Aguilera hit Beautiful a la Led Zepellin's Thank You - successfully re-invent the familiar and/or introduce the less well-known. Obscure highlights include the groovesome Vocoder and Kate Moss-fuelled Dirty Robot, originally penned by Dutch electronica duo Arling & Cameron, but it's also lovely to hear stuff as ubiquitous as Leonard Cohen's Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye sung up the octave, and picked on steel, not nylon-strung guitar. The overall tracklisting is Dando's re-tooled distillation of cherished mix tapes made for him by Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers, and so it's perfectly fitting that Haynes produces here.

3 stars

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