Squealing Fans In My Tune

As part of the form to accompany submissions, we asked artists to write a few words about why they chose the tracks they had recorded, and any thoughts they had about the project as a whole. Here's some of the responses we received...


Burr Settles - I've always been impressed by Evan Dando's approach to cover songs, and feel that a cover isn't worth doing unless it is somehow reinvented. "Rest Assured" was a Lemonheads song that was very poppy but had a tinge of melancholy in the lyrics that were missing in the music.

Rog Hildreth - Bit Part was always a favourite of mine, so fast and immediate I always want to flick back and hear it again. I thought it would be an interesting song to do a cover of and re-invent in another way. I didn't see the point in trying to re-create the original so I slowed down and put delay effects on the guitar to give it a different sound.

Second In Line - We pretty much wanted to turn our favourite acoustic tracks into fast punk rock songs. The whole day was great fun and great to put our version onto CD just for this project.

Max Vanremmerden - Love the song!

Grabbit Phonya - Finding out about the compilation project 3 days before the deadline left me no time to enhance what is essentially a live recording!

Malfunction Of The Head - We chose this song because I love the video and I have a crush on Juliana Hatfield.

The Mercury Seed - We are honoured to be a part of this tribute CD. The process of seeking out and obtaining the involvement of indy bands is truly inspired. Thanks for having us.

Cyber-Jack - We can really relate to the lyrics of this song. We tried to do a nice piano version, but nothing came out of it. So this version came out as a last minute try, and this is how we should have done it in the first place.

Plush Baby - Tom: The Lemonheads came into our lives at just the right time. We were 13 or 14 when we first heard It's A Shame About Ray and at that moment were hooked by the dynamics of guitar, pop hooks and Evan's voice. It's hard to choose which track to cover, we asked ourselves if we were the artist being covered, what would we like to hear? The answer was a completely different reading of the song. Favorite T has always been one of the tracks that really stood out because of the lyrics. However I always felt that it was a song that said "I don't care about you anymore", rather than "I'm so heartbroken", which an acoustic reading inevitably points to... We have been making music for nearly 10 years together and this is maybe the piece that we have spent the longest on!
Tim: I never liked Favorite T, so I thought I would make it better!

Jesper Petersson - I got hooked directly when the talks began about making a tribute CD to Evan Dando. A wonderful idea, the man deserves a lot of credit for all good music he has made throughout the years. I chose It’s A Shame About Ray because it was the first song I ever heard by Lemonheads and it captured me right away. It is also at song that I have always wondered how it would sound in a more mellow version with some backing vocals. I want to thank Dando Geeks for making it possible. Without the tribute CD I would have never done it.

Matt Hopper - When I was a teenager and starting to write songs I holed up in Anchorage, Alaska one weekend with a copy of It's A Shame About Ray and also Smashing Pumpkins's Melancollie And The Infinite Sadness. I loved both of those albums but only one gave me the encouragement to go on writing my own songs. Evan Dando and his simple songs were always stuck in my head, and are proof that you didn't need to go over the top (see: MC&TIS) to write an effective song and/or to be a good songwriter.

Stuart Wills - After Tenderfoot this is one of my favourite Lemonheads songs. The Turnpike Down is quite melancholic and I really like the words. It's quite a comforting song when you're on a bit of a downer. I'm happy with the way the recording has come out. It was a real buzz for me to have my version of one of my songs included on volume 1. It also had the knock-on effect of getting people interested in my own music. It's also quite weird to think that Evan Dando may have heard my version of one of his songs - I would love to know what he thinks! I think the project is great. As proved by volume 1, there's a lot of talented people out there and it gives them a chance to be heard.

Neon Sleep - Evan is one of the great songwriters of the 90s and beyond, he is a huge influence and an inspiration. Lemonheads songs soundtracked my youth so I wanted to pay tribute in the best way possible, by being a part of this project.

Joe HUTCH Hutchinson - The first thing that catches my ear with any artist is a hooky melody. Dando definitely delivered on this one. The key change on the chorus is exquisite. I don't really care what words he's singing here...it's just pure melodicandy!



Max Vanremmerden - I had so much fun doing my part for this CD. The discussions on the site were so exciting: the initiative, the progress, the support, the result. It brought a lot of Evan Dando fans together, thanks to mallocup!

Danilo Moscardini - I loved I'll Do It Anyway immediately, it's a pure pop rush.

Stuart Wills - When I first heard Car Button Cloth I was going through an emotional period in my life, sometimes you hear a song that speaks to you and just seems to capture exactly how you feel and that's what Tenderfoot was like for me. I think it has a really defeated quality about it and the lyrics are just great - "this is the spot where I jump off". I think this project is great as I am sure that there are many Evan Dando fans around, like me, who print off tabs from the internet and play his songs. This project has given people the opportunity to personalise the songs and make them their own, as well as potentially getting their track on the finished CD.

Ian Margolycz - The simplicity and sincerity of this song made me want to cover it. The recording is pretty straight forward and bare. I am glad I could contribute because Evan has had a huge impact on me.

The Moon Monkeys - I chose Hannah & Gabi because it's a song that we cover when we get our acoustic act together. It's a beautiful song and we feel we do it justice. I think the project is a brilliant idea, hopefully the first of many. As there are numerous albums where big names perform songs celebrating the music of The Beatles, Burt Bacharach etc, I'm sure Dando will one day be held in similar esteem.

Robert Crosbie - It is cool. My chance to interpret one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite artists. I hope he gets to hear it.

Jason Appleby - This song was one of the first Lemonheads tracks I heard, and I've been a huge fan ever since. Although not the greatest singer or guitarist in the world, Evan has a way of pouring his heart and soul into every note and he takes his audience along with him.

2 Needles - When I go out on Saturdays I always go to a pub where you can listen to Lemonheads, and they play Down About It very often, so that song reminds me of party time - having fun with my friends and dancing. I hope I haven't done mistakes with the lyrics because as I am Spanish I don't know how to pronounce English perfectly. Lemonheads are one of our favourites, and having the chance to play their songs on a CD makes us feel excited. I think that the idea of doing the tribute CD is great.


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